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sufi singers

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(Picture on top of the Ghengis Khan horse statue in Mongolia, 2014)
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In 2009 I painted a picture of my husband Jim reading the New York Times while sprawled on the love seat in our solarium. Here are both the original photograph and the finished painting. If it reminds you of the style of Henri Matisse I wouldn’t mind :-). This is an example of how I “paint from photographs.” As you can see, the photographs, or sketches I make while traveling are only inspiration. I am not a fan of paintings that look like the photograph.


In the classic tradition of artists everywhere I paint studies of the great masters in order to improve.
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Fumee d'Amber Gris

Study of Fumee d’Amber Gris by John Singer Sargent
In the traditional of art in Europe through the ages, I copy paintings when the project can help me learn. There is nothing like trying to reproduce a great painting to teach one about color mixing, brush work, and much more. It was bought by a local art collector, put in a beautiful frame in the style of the time of Singer, and graces a lovely home.

small matreshka

I have created many commissioned children’s portraits
Enjoy some of them on this page.

Newspaper Article, January 2017 “She’s an Artist and Author”


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