Montessori Work in Morocco, School and Orphanage, Amsterdam, and More

Montessori in Morocco and Amsterdam and with friends from many places

This has been a very interesting and rewarding Montessori month. First of all I returned to Ecole Montessori Casablanca, the Morocco school. (

1 pirmary and elemenary

Primary class “the Roman arch”, elementary class botany research

A year ago I worked here as a consultant for the classes for children from age 1-12. This year I returned to see the progress and to document a “Montessori First Year Project” in an orphanage in Casablanca we started at that time. It was quite wonderful to see the results at the orphanage and the school! Continue reading

Cosmic Education: a Global Vision and a Cosmic Task

blog and starfish

Observing starfish on the California North Coast before gently placing them back in the water.

New Book: The Red Corolla, Montessori Cosmic Education (for age 3-6+)

CLICK: The Red Corolla

Here is an excerpt from an article printed in The NAMTA Journal, Global Citizenship: Uncovering the Montessori Mission, Volume 40 Number 2, Spring 2015.

Susan Mayclin Stephenson tackles a large subject, Cosmic Education, which Montessori defined as a “unifying global and universal view[s] of the past, present and future.” Stephenson takes the reader from birth to the end of the elementary age with examples of how the child grows into an understanding of Cosmic Education through their experiences at home and at school. Central to her thesis is the theme of discovering one’s cosmic task, which depends on “fostering…curiosity and compassion toward other beings.” Stephenson concludes with examples from around the world and illustrates how children are born with this tendency toward compassion and how it is experienced from birth through age twelve within Montessori environments.
—David Kahn, Editor of “The NAMTA Journal”

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Montessori in Morocco – A Presentation to Children in Portland, Oregon

Physical Needs of Humans (A Morocco example of a Montessori lesson)

4 presentation

This is a picture of my daughter Ursula, sharing our Morocco presentation with her two children, and other students at Childpeace Montessori in Portland. I had been working at a Montessori school in Casablanca, and then traveling through Morocco with my hostess and her family. My grandson’s Montessori teacher in Oregon teacher asked if I would share some of this experience with the children as I would be stopping in Portland, Oregon on the way back to California. So I prepared a “Moroccan” experience based on the study of Needs of Humans. Since these 3-6 children are at the movement/senses stage of learning I tried to include interesting

The children entered the dark room (there were no windows in this room so it was perfect), light provided by candles, to the soft musical of the Oud  and other instruments typical of the Middle East dark, walked around the Moroccan Berber carpet and other items, such as a silver-colored tray and pot for making mint tea. Then they quietly gathered to see the pictures. They asked questions and contributed to my explanations of the pictures, and even learned some Arabic words, such as the correct pronunciation of “Morroc” (Morocco ). As they left the room each child was handed a mint leaf to taste, a typical herb for the most popular tea in Morocco, and said, “Shokran” (the Arabic for “Thank you”). Continue reading