In the beginning of my international work, in Dharamsala, India in 2001, I brought back cultural items such as earrings, carpets, and shawls, that people bought to cover my expenses for this volunteer work. But as I got older and couldn’t manage to carry things I began to do more Montessori speaking and consulting work to finance the volunteer work. Eventually, without my having to ask, many people wanting to be involved have donated money to cover my travel and in-country expenses to get to places like Sikkim, India, Peru, Morocco, and Mongolia. I am very grateful for this spontaneous turn of invents in my Montessori work. There is no foundation so these donations are not tax deductions but made out of the generosity of good hearts.

Most recently a donation came from medical doctor in California. Since my recent trip in Mongolia was paid Montessori work I gave the money to a Tibetan Lama working with homeless children in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. Thank you doc!

Please send your donation in US$ to:
Susan Stephenson
PO box 890
Trinidad, California 95570

You can be sure your support will go directly to helping children somewhere in the world and I will personally see to its effectiveness. Thank you so much.