Age Birth-6 Years

Child Development in the First Year of Life

1 first year

MOVE-WORK: The child is born ready to explore his environment with all of his senses, so we should see that the environment is interesting but not over-stimulating (by sights and sounds), and that his body is free to move from the very first day. He should not be overdressed, or his hands and feet covered, and he should have mobiles to look at and soon items to reach for and touch. A floor bed in a safe room goes a long way to help with both visual exploration and movement development. It is often thought that children only eat and sleep in the first weeks, but this is not true! Children often cry from boredom! So let us pay particular attention to what he can see, hear, and do even in those early days and weeks


Child Development from Age 1-2 Years

2 second year

TRY TO AVOID INTERRUPTING CONCENTRATION WHENEVER POSSIBLE! The inspiration to experiment, to concentrate, to use one hands and mind together working on the solving of a problem or mastering an activity, these lead to happiness and joy. Simple household items, if completely safe, can do just as well as any commercial toys. 12 months.




Child Development from Age 2-3 Years

3 third year

I just can’t find the words to say how inspiring this Birth to Three message is. These videos should be required viewing for all teacher training courses. Many children will have a better “growing up” time thanks to you.”   —Charlene Trochta, founding director of Casa Montessori in Austin, Texas, USA




2006-2008 – Bhutan Birth to Three Practices compared to Montessori 0-3 Assistant to Infancy Practices

Infant being carried in traditional Bhutanese "kamnay" by her father

Infant being carried in traditional Bhutanese “kamnay” by her father


A fuller version of this article can be found in the book The Joyful Child: Montessori, Global Wisdom for Birth to Three (Joyful Child), at the Michael Olaf Montessori site (Bhutan), and in the AMI journal “Communications” (2009, vol. 2, )

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