A Montessori Week with Grandchildren

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Montessori Practical Life & Culture, A Week with the Grandchildren
This little experience has been shared often these days, giving examples of children at home—maybe not yet with grandparents. Information on the value of these mostly practical life experiences is shared in the book Aid to Life, Montessori Beyond the Classroom.

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This was such a rich and enjoyable week that I am sharing it with you. In my international work I have seen over and over again that when homes have very few distractions from the real, daily life of the family, such as toys and screen time, they quite naturally join in and spend valuable time with the rest of the family. As a result children learn about cultures in a natural way, and, as they carry out valuable activities that they see being done by adults, they feel useful. Spending this time with us they learn our values, they imitate everything we do, and they develop skills that will be valuable for the rest of their lives and we have fun together. I will share our experiences with practical life, food, art, nature, music, gratitude, and more . . . Continue reading

Concentration, Where the Magic Happens!

Concentration, Where the Magic Happens!

As I was scanning this picture of a Montessori 3-6 birthday party celebration—where a child carries the globe around a candle representing the sun, one time for each year of life—and looking at it on the computer screen, I could see for the first time the look of boredom on the faces of the children. They had been pulled away from concentrating on their individual work to “celebrate.” I did the math: 30 children x 3 years in the class = 90 birthdays! This brought home to me the reason why there are no regularly scheduled, no “required” group or collective lessons, no regular “circle” time, in authentic Montessori classes. Yes, concentration on individual work is where the magic happens. Continue reading