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Montessori Work in 2014 and Earlier (pre-blog)

“Montessori” is not a method of education but a way to support the optimum development, the highest potential, of human beings at all stages of life, from birth, through the school years, and even into old age. It has been practiced for over 100 years all over the world. This work is truly universal in scope and success.

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susan and TCV teachers

Above is a picture of us Montessori teachers sharing wisdom and experience at the Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV) in Dharamsala, India, in 2002.

Those things which occupy us in the field of education are the interests of humanity at large, and of civilization. before such great forces we can recognize only one country—the entire world. —Maria Montessori (The Montessori Method)

sm hawaii middle school cropped

2016, With the middle school students
during a consultation with a Montessori School in Hawaii.

in 1978 I was hired to  “bring Montessori to Colegio San Silvestre, a girls school in Lima, Peru. School principal Topi Conroy and I laughed as we searched through the storage room for Montessori materials and found only a set of base 8 math materials. Never daunted, I began to teach a group of young girls the required English and math (in English) during the morning, a Peruvian teacher identical subjects in Spanish (in Spanish) in the afternoon. Often the two of us would share our lunches and try to speak in the other’s language while the girls sat with us and laughed at our meager attempts. Our class was much calmer and quieter, and parents reported that the girls were more excited about coming to school. The head of the lower school, “Steve” Eckford, asked me to teach the other teachers what I was doing since the changes had nothing to do with Montessori teaching materials—there were none. I was asked to write an paper for the other teachers at other levels of rhe school. It was clear that I was doing something different. This article  has been helpful to many over the years.

cologio ssTo see it click here: Lima, Peru




Many of my workshops and talks include video clips of children I have taken over the years. These give insight into the development of the whole body, the hand, language, and independence, especially during the first three years of life.

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After earning a degree in philosophy from San Francisco State University, my Montessori teacher training began at the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) training center in London in 1970. Since then I have earned the AMI 0-3 and 6-12 diplomas and worked with children of all ages. Inspired by years of teaching that were successful and fun because of this training, I delight in helping groups of people who do not have AMI training take their next step in understanding Montessori, and working with children at any level. This international work is planned between one and two years ahead.

For details contact me here: SUSAN

Mongolia, 2014

mongolia 1 talkIn October, 2014, I was invited to Mongolia to speak to government officials, professors, parents, teachers, all interested in Montessori education mainly because the department of education is being revamped to put children at the center of their programs, instead of an outdated curriculum.

mongolia 2 school childrenConsulting in schools I found a very open-minded group of teachers and administrators, and government officials who are excited to move toward true Montessori for Mongolian children.

mongolia 3 familyAfter work in the capital, Ulaanbaatar, we traveled far out into the grasslands to research the traditional ways or raising children from birth. The woman in this picture is a high school science teacher. Her husband is a herder and they have decided to raise their two sons in the traditional life of Nomads, moving their ger (yurt in Russian) several times a year to follow the grass for the herds, milking mares and fermenting the milk, following their Tibetan Buddhist religion (see altar in the background) and being close to nature. When the boys are older they will return to a village where the mother will teach. Partly thanks to the interest of this woman, since this trip the book The Joyful Child: Montessori, Global Wisdom for Birth to Three has been translated into Mongolian.

mongolia 4 affiliateIn the spring, at the international Montessori headquarters we celebrated the formation of the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) Affiliate Organization of Mongolian Teachers.

To see the list of AMI Affiliated Societies click here: SOCIETIES

2012 —Petra

Lovely camel at Petra in Jordon, being petted by Susan

(Friend camel at Petra in Jordon, being petted by Susan) After Montessori work in the West Bank of Israel (that, sadly, cannot be pictured or described here) we traveled to one of the 7 wonders of the world: Petra, in Jordan. Arriving at Wadi Musa (Valley of Moses) in Jordon in the evening we hiked the 2-mile downhill path to Petra through a narrow passageway known as a “siq” (“seek”) lit by 1800 luminaria (candles in paper bags). At the bottom, in front of the most famous structure carved out of the stone cliff “the treasury” we heard ancient bedouin music. A 1-stringed precursor of all stringed instruments, and an ancient flute.

West Bank click here: WEST BANK
Petra click here: PETRA
Music click here: MUSIC

(A presentation at the 2007 Montessori centenary in San Francisco)
Montessori work in Thailand, Nepal, and Bhutan.

PDF click here: 2005-2006

esf hot rock bathHere is the best “Bhutan hot stone bath” Youtube video I could find (though our bath had no plastic tent over it!).

Click here: YouTube Hot Rock Bath

Susan in Boudhanath (Devanagari, Nepali: बौद्धनाथ) near Kathmandu1964-2005
(A presentation at the 2007 Montessori centenary in San Francisco)
From my first travel, around the world by shipboard in 1964 to Montessori work in Nepal in 2005.

PDF click here 1964-2005


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