Susan Mayclin Stephenson

Over the last fifty years Susan has carried out a variety of Montessori work in thirty-two countries on six continents. Her goal has always been to learn as much as she teaches, to understand Montessori through the eyes of the people she works with, and to be able to help others in as many ways as possible. This is her eighth book, each one expressing Montessori from a different perspective.

Susan is a parent and grandparent. She has AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) diplomas for 0-3, 3-6, and 6-12. She has a degree in philosophy from San Francisco State University, a master’s degree in education from Loyola University in Baltimore, and she studied multiple intelligences under Howard Gardner at The Harvard Graduate School of Education.

She has worked as a counselor for adolescents, a Montessori school administrator, a guide for parents of infants and toddlers at home, and a teacher of children and young adults, from one to eighteen years in Montessori environments.

Susan researching family life in a ger (yurt) in Mongolia

Susan has lectured at education conferences for many different organizations, and is a school consultant and an AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) oral examiner for teacher training courses. Susan has been invited by educational departments of national governments in such places as Thailand, Mongolia, Peru, Colombia, Russia, Sikkim, and Romania, to speak to teachers about using Montessori principles for their students.

She and her husband homeschooled their youngest child through elementary, middle, and high school. They live in Northern California, near the coast and surrounded by redwood trees.

Susan in 1966, Edinburgh, Scotland
Just before discovering Montessori

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