Romania Montessori, 2nd post, Fall 2022


The night before the official Montessori work Simona and I drove high into the hills overlooking the city to visit the beautiful The Romanian orthodox Cetățuia Monastery. It was a quiet, still, starry night and no one was around, but when we entered there was a service going on, just a few monks taking turns reciting prayers, all dark except for a few candles and candelabras glowing the icons on the walls. It was very much like a blessing of the work. Continue reading

Montessori in the Moldova area of Romania! Fall, 2022


My good friends Catalina Ivan (head of the Montessori School of Iasi) and Simona Nicolae (excellent teacher now becoming an AMI teacher trainer) drove six hours from Iasi to Bucharest to meet me late at night at the airport, after a long flight from San Francisco via Paris. Later in this blog post You can see the details of our trip. Continue reading

Sharing Montessori; What Works and What Does Not; Peru 1979-2022

Montessori for Traditional Teachers – What Works

In I 1979 was hired to bring Montessori to a private British-Peruvian girls’ school in Lima. There were no Montessori materials, and the curriculum was set to meet the highest standards of both the British and Peruvian governments. Below are some quotes from the chapter describing this experience as recorded in the book Aid to Life, Montessori Beyond the Classroom:

One of the stories we had heard was about a Montessori teacher who was traveling, with her entire family and a large group of adults and children, from one part of Asia to another, migrations caused by the partition of British India into two countries in 1947. Each night as the travel stopped and camp was set up this woman gathered the children and included them, in all of the necessary and important practical life of the group. They had a purpose, value to their community, a way of learning new skills that distracted them from the sadness of their journey. This was authentic Montessori.

“Well,” I thought to myself, “if this woman could create Montessori in such dire circumstances, I should be able to do something valuable for the students in a beautiful girl’s school in one of the world’s capital cities.”

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