Sharing Montessori; What Works and What Does Not; Peru 1979-2022

Montessori for Traditional Teachers – What Works

In I 1979 was hired to bring Montessori to a private British-Peruvian girls’ school in Lima. There were no Montessori materials, and the curriculum was set to meet the highest standards of both the British and Peruvian governments. Below are some quotes from the chapter describing this experience as recorded in the book Aid to Life, Montessori Beyond the Classroom:

One of the stories we had heard was about a Montessori teacher who was traveling, with her entire family and a large group of adults and children, from one part of Asia to another, migrations caused by the partition of British India into two countries in 1947. Each night as the travel stopped and camp was set up this woman gathered the children and included them, in all of the necessary and important practical life of the group. They had a purpose, value to their community, a way of learning new skills that distracted them from the sadness of their journey. This was authentic Montessori.

“Well,” I thought to myself, “if this woman could create Montessori in such dire circumstances, I should be able to do something valuable for the students in a beautiful girl’s school in one of the world’s capital cities.”

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Aid to Life – Montessori at Home Age 0-6

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(Excerpt from chapter 10 of Aid to Life, Montessori Beyond the Classroom)

Temper Tantrums
Everywhere I have worked it seems that temper tantrums are becoming a problem. In some cases a child crying “for no reason” was just not tolerated in the past and any incidence would be immediately punished. Now parents realize that it is important for children to honestly express their emotions. Temper tantrums are one of the ways young children express their emotions, unhappiness, boredom, need for attention. I hear stories from around the world that are similar:

Children cry or yell in order to get what they want and parents don’t know what to do. When the temper tantrum happens in public they are ashamed and know that something is wrong but they don’t know the answer. So they give in to the child’s demands to end the embarrassing scene.

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Montessori Work in Lima, Peru — Fall 2019

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Montessori Work, and the Culture of Peru

For five weeks this fall I have had the pleasure to carry out Montessori work and to visit old friends, and make new ones, in Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador. I hope you enjoying “traveling” with me to Lima, Peru.

The tropical fruit always available is something I always look forward to but the main reason for this trip was that finally one of my books has been translated into Spanish.

Presenting Montessori to the Government
The presentation was based on the book The Universal Child, Guided by Nature. The title in Spanish is El Nino Universal. Both books can be found on Amazon in many countries Continue reading