New book – Montessori Cosmic Education

Montessori education is at its core a method of learning about the world and, at the same time, discovering each person’s unique path to fulfill personal needs and potential, each person’s unique way of contributing to the betterment of  society and the planet. This path—that begins at birth and continues throughout life—is what we call our cosmic task.

This small (40 page) book is the first in the series “Brief Montessori Introductions” for busy people. It is based on 50+ years of writing for parents and other educators, and a 2015 article of the same name published by The North American  Montessori Teachers’ Association, (The NAMTA Journal) Continue reading

Romania Montessori, 2nd post, Fall 2022


The night before the official Montessori work Simona and I drove high into the hills overlooking the city to visit the beautiful The Romanian orthodox Cetățuia Monastery. It was a quiet, still, starry night and no one was around, but when we entered there was a service going on, just a few monks taking turns reciting prayers, all dark except for a few candles and candelabras glowing the icons on the walls. It was very much like a blessing of the work. Continue reading

Montessori in the Moldova area of Romania! Fall, 2022


My good friends Catalina Ivan (head of the Montessori School of Iasi) and Simona Nicolae (excellent teacher now becoming an AMI teacher trainer) drove six hours from Iasi to Bucharest to meet me late at night at the airport, after a long flight from San Francisco via Paris. Later in this blog post You can see the details of our trip. Continue reading