Montessori: AMI Annual Global Meeting 2023

In April the first in-person AGM was held in Delft, Netherlands. Here are just a few of the highlights of the focus on “Sowing Seeds” projects around the world seen by 250 people from 50 different countries.

The first day was sunny and beautiful, people seated outside the cafes and restaurants. Above you can see Catalina Ivan(the picture taken by her husband) from Romania, and Joanne Kaya, a Welsh Montessori teacher I met in Moscow years ago, and with whom I am staying this week in a village nearby. Continue reading

Three Days Exploring Stockholm, April 2023

I arrived in Stockholm three days before the first (since the pandemic) in-person AMIAGM, Annual Global Meeting, which will be held in Delft, Netherlands. The plan was to rest and visit with my old friends Barbra Waller and Tom Engstrom friends, but I was whisked off to a cultural tour of the city! I hope you enjoy spending these few days with us vicariously. Continue reading

New book – Montessori Cosmic Education

Montessori education is at its core a method of learning about the world and, at the same time, discovering each person’s unique path to fulfill personal needs and potential, each person’s unique way of contributing to the betterment of  society and the planet. This path—that begins at birth and continues throughout life—is what we call our cosmic task.

This small (40 page) book is the first in the series “Brief Montessori Introductions” for busy people. It is based on 50+ years of writing for parents and other educators, and a 2015 article of the same name published by The North American  Montessori Teachers’ Association, (The NAMTA Journal) Continue reading