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The latest book published is Montessori Homeschooling, One family’s Story. It is the most popular at the moment. But all of the books are helpful in different ways for understanding how to help children learn at different ages.

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This book contains all of the “culture” lectures I gave on the first AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) 3-6 course in Casablanca, Morocco – plus a lot more.

Have you read Susan Mayclin Stephenson’s new release The Red Corolla: Montessori Cosmic Education? I would absolutely recommend it. It is heavy on the practical, on activities, on setting up the environment and I feel a lot of parents would appreciate that. I’m going to try many of these activities at home. I also recommend this for the school teacher/parent library!

It gives a fantastic insight into Montessori training that many are longing for, it includes parts of Susan’s lectures and discussion on what is in her (Montessori) albums. It is suitable for those with little or no experience or knowledge of Montessori. Experienced Montessori teachers would also find this useful. Susan has spent decades working in Montessori classrooms around the world, her voice is invaluable.
– From the Australian Montessori blog howwemontessori. com

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JC translations This book has been translated into Japanese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Romanian, Russian, French, and Mongolian – more translations are in progress.

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After The Joyful Child, this is the most popular of the Montessori books. Montessori and Mindfulness, is based on the talk of the same name delivered at the Montessori congress in Prague, Czech Republic in 2017.

Last year I heard about your book and I was wondering what is all about as I was sure that you could not write a book which will not make sense for me. I discovered how valuable it is for teachers, and for parents also! So I sent some quotes from it to my colleagues and they started to be curious about it. Now, reading your book, I realized that when singing or dancing or cooking or taking a walk or praying or working in the class or giving a seminar for parents or writing or reading most of the time I can experience flow, I can be mindful!!! We are happy that this book will soon be available in our language.
— Simona Nicolae, AMI primary teacher, Iasi, Romania

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Adaptation of the AMI 2013 international Montessori Congress Presentation in Portland, Oregon.

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My friends who do not go to a Montessori school are always asking me what the difference between their school and mine is. Or they ask me to explain what a Montessori school is. After reading this book I think I can tell them.
—12-year-old Montessori student

Nothing has helped me understand the breadth and depth and the value of a Montessori education as much as this book. Thank you so much.
—New Montessori school administrator

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child of the world coverStephenson’s volume is a wonderful resource for parents seeking thoughtful, sound advice on raising well-grounded children in a chaotic world. Presenting Montessori principles in clear and eloquent prose, Stephenson’s legacy will be a tremendous service to generations of parents to come.
—Angeline Lillard, PhD, Professor of Psychology, U. of Virginia, author of Montessori, The Science behind the Genius

This book is considered one of the most valuable parent education books by Montessori schools. It is also used to help a 3-6 teacher understand the 6-12 years, and vice versa. It combines theory and practical everyday ideas for using Montessori in the home and school and is used in university education classes.

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no checkmate 2

This is not just a book about teaching chess but about sharing our daily lives and loves with our children, gracefully, practically, enjoyably, and successfully.

If you are looking for a book that will help you to introduce the game of chess to your child in a non-competitive, gradual, and fun way – you have found it! Deep respect and understanding of human development in its formative stages is a common denominator of all Ms. Stephenson’s books. In NO CHECKMATE you will find a conceptual framework of developmental characteristics along with a practical guidance in form of preliminary games and activities, gradual introduction to the key rules of the game, and more. This book opened a new field of exploration and joy for me and my two daughters!
Dmitry Ostrovsky, AMI Elementary teacher, Moscow, Russia

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Montessori Infant Communities in Japan and the United States

DVD wonderful twosI had seen this at a parent education night some 12 years ago when my youngest was in an Infant Community and have been waiting for the DVD for sharing with my child and adolescent psychiatry residents for their “Neurotypical Infant Development Course” taught each summer. This excellent introduction to Montessori A to I practices in the USA and Japan will now be shown during the lecture series. Thank you, Susan Mayclin Stephenson for this enchanting glimpse into what the youngest children can do with the support of prepared adults and a prepared environment!
—Nora McNamara, MD

This DVD contains 50 minutes of actual AMI Infant Community footage in Osaka, Japan and Denver, Colorado.

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In 1988 the “Essential Montessori” book/catalog was eventually divided into two publications, “The Joyful Child” for families with infants and children under the age of three, and “Child of the World” for parents and teachers with children from age 3-12+. An oil painter, Susan created two paintings each year, one for each publication.


Beginning in 1985, a full size catalog was created, illustrated from both Susan’s drawings and photographs. Intending to write a book on Montessori for parents, Susan decided it had more of a chance to read if little snippets of information were added to the catalog instead. So a combination book/catalog of materials for children for birth age 12 was created, “Essential Montessori”. The picture on the front of this catalog is that of a child’s drawing of Egypt, complete with two pyramids at the top, an oasis on the left (with real grass taped to the paper), the blue Nile River, and drawings of the construction of a pyramid.



In 1982 two teenage girls, with a level of confidence and initiative that surprised even their parents, started a tiny shop to provide high-quality toys and books for children because they could not find anything good enough in the whole San Francisco Bay Area for their new baby brother. They named it after the inspiration for the project, Michael Olaf.
To see more of the story click here: MICHAEL OLAF STORY

The first Michael Olaf catalog, created at the request of Montessori teachers who had discovered Michael Olaf during visits to the San Francisco area, was just 5 sheets of paper, collated on top of the grant piano and stapled in one corner. It contained a list and information about the first “practical life” products, and wooden toys. Soon people asked for pictures so Susan drew them.

The catalog below was typed on a computer, Susan drawing the pictures, the pages laid out on graph paper taped to the dining room window. Then printed and stapled at home. Who knew that this humble beginning would grow to affect so many children, families, and schools around the world



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