Independence, Concentration, Compassion – Child of the World

Child of the World:
Montessori, Global Education for Age 3-12+

The e-book version of this book, which is considered one of the best introductions to Montessori for parents and teachers, reached over 2000 people around the world in July, 2021. For more information and to see the complete Table of Contents: CHILD

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Chapter: Age 3-6, Caring for Oneself, for Others, and for the Environment

Boys at a Montessori school in Bhutan preferring to work on fixing the school sidewalk than to play. Continue reading

Learning at Home during COVID


It is not possible to learn everything from a book, but there are are several, based on Montessori experience at home and in the classroom that have been found to be very helpful to parents and teachers during these days. They are all written by a Montessori teachers trained at 0-3, 3-6, and 6-12 levels, and with many years of experience with children and young adults from birth to 18 years of age. Continue reading

Montessori Language, Birth to 12+

Montessori Language: Speaking, Writing, and Reading, from Birth to Age 12+


Excerpts from the 0-3 book “The Joyful Child: Montessori, Global Wisdom for Birth to Three Years,” and the 3-12+ book Child of the World: Montessori, Global Education for 3-12+.


The First Year: the Senses
We can feed the child’s intense interest in language and prepare for later spoken language, by speaking clearly, by not raising our voice to the unnatural pitch often reserved for speaking to pets, and not oversimplifying language in the presence of the child. We can tell funny and interesting stories of our lives, recite favorite poems, talk about what we are doing, “Now I am washing your feet, rubbing each toe to get it really clean” and enjoy ourselves in this important communication. And we can listen: to music, to silence, and to each other.
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