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Montessori education is at its core a method of learning about the world and, at the same time, discovering each person’s unique path to fulfill personal needs and potential, each person’s unique way of contributing to the betterment of  society and the planet. This path—that begins at birth and continues throughout life—is what we call our cosmic task.

This small (40 page) book is the first in the series “Brief Montessori Introductions” for busy people. It is based on 50+ years of writing for parents and other educators, and a 2015 article of the same name published by The North American  Montessori Teachers’ Association, (The NAMTA Journal)

This new series was inspired by our son who was raised in a Montessori world and whose Montessori elementary journal art graces the cover of this book. A very busy musician and lawyer he informs us that knowledge of Montessori would benefit many people who do not have time to read long books (and who may or may not be connected to a Montessori school). He recommends that Montessori information would be better shared in small bits that inspire thought and can be absorbed a little at a time. We agree with him that Montessori information shared on the internet is often misleading and unhelpful as is internet international news today.

Drawing on over 50 years of work in 30+ countries I have accepted his challenge. Each planned “brief” introduction will be around 40 pages and cost approximately US$10. This is the first title of the series. The second title has also just been published: Beginnings, Montessori Birth to Three Comparison with Traditions in Bhutan.

Grounded in experience, Stephenson manages to convey the essence of one of Maria Montessori’s fundamental principles – the interdependent nature of life and the very concrete steps to helping children express their natural tendency to live well with others and take care of the planet. This book offers practical insights for parents and others interested in the Montessori approach.

—Lynne Lawrence, AMI Executive Director

The Montessori information introduced in these pages can be helpful to parents and grandparents, to those interested in the early months and years of life, in educational neuroscience, environmental education, emotional intelligence, and for those working with children and young adults. Older children and young adults today need to know that their individual interests and talents are important, that they can be valuable, contributing, and happy members of a family and social group not just “someday,” but now!

The subjects of “Montessori Cosmic Education”:
1 – Quote from “The Best Weapon for Peace, Maria Montessori, Education, and Children’s Rights” by Erica Moretti.
2 – Introduction by David Kahn Executive Director Emeritus of NAMTA, North America Montessori Teachers Association
3 – Definitions of “cosmic education” and “cosmic task”
4 – Learning about the world (chapters on birth to three, 3-6 years, and 6-12+ years)
5 – Making the world a better place (chapters on birth to three, 3-6 years, and 6-12+ years)

The first translation of this book was into Romanian. It is being used to provide practical Montessori support for parents and teachers in 90 poor villages in Iasi County, Romania where authentic Montessori schools are not possible at the moment. Many other translations are underway.

Montessori Cosmic Education is available from Amazon as a print book in several countries, and as a kindle download on any Amazon site in the world. For those who prefer to order print copies from Michael Olaf publishers the information is below.

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