Joyous Celebration with Adele Diamond, 4 Special Days in Vancouver, BC

Joyous Celebration with Adele Diamond,
4 Special Days in Vancouver, BC

This was the most amazing and generous and important gathering I have ever attended. Because of her declining health Adele Diamond invited 500 friends and colleagues from 41 countries, to join her for several days of sharing and making connections. 90 of the group gave 15-30 minute presentations over the four days. We all paid our own transportation and hotel and Adele fed us all for the entire event! Here is the description of the gathering in her words: Continue reading

The 2022 AMI National Congress for Colombia

This blog just reached a milestone; it is being followed by people in 100 countries on all continents. Thank you to everyone who has found it worth sharing with fellow parents and teachers, and a warm welcome to new readers.

In October, it was my pleasure to be in beautiful Cartagena to celebrate the first in-person Montessori congress held in this country since Covid. Continue reading

On the Road Again

October 1, 2022 – Finally back to in-person work!

Let me begin by one of my favorite moments of this trip to the East Coast of the United States, discovering a bagpiper while exploring the neighborhood.

For the last few days I have been staying at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell working with a Montessori school. Above is the view from my window. It feels especially good to be in a university area. Continue reading