Joyous Celebration with Adele Diamond, 4 Special Days in Vancouver, BC

Joyous Celebration with Adele Diamond,
4 Special Days in Vancouver, BC

This was the most amazing and generous and important gathering I have ever attended. Because of her declining health Adele Diamond invited 500 friends and colleagues from 41 countries, to join her for several days of sharing and making connections. 90 of the group gave 15-30 minute presentations over the four days. We all paid our own transportation and hotel and Adele fed us all for the entire event! Here is the description of the gathering in her words: Continue reading

Recognition of 50 Years of Montessori Work

Susan Mayclin Stephenson first began explaining Montessori in 1971, through a school newsletter that helped families of her students understand the essence of Montessori. She has continued to write and speak, based on personal experience, since that time.

Here is a quote from the upcoming book on observation and record keeping for the primary and elementary class, Please Help Me Do It Myself:

Rather than focusing first of all on the academic work in class, when I had a meeting with parents, I showed the parents the concentration graphs for their child. This kept the focus on the value of their child learning to independently choose work, to experience deeper and longer periods of concentration, and the positive results of this experience.

I found that this was an excellent way for parents not only to begin to understand Montessori, but to look for, and hesitate to interrupt, their child’s concentration at home.  

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FREE Montessori Infant Community Video

Infant Community (age 1-2.5) Video
+ Maria and Mario Montessori


The DVD “The Wonderful Two’s” has sold for $40-$45 for years. Now it is available free on YouTube.

Seeing these children in action reveals the potential of the human being, from a very young age, to focus and concentrate, to act and think independently, and to respect and care for each other and the environment—changing the “terrible two’s” into the “wonderful two’s.” Continue reading