Three Days Exploring Stockholm, April 2023

I arrived in Stockholm three days before the first (since the pandemic) in-person AMIAGM, Annual Global Meeting, which will be held in Delft, Netherlands. The plan was to rest and visit with my old friends Barbra Waller and Tom Engstrom friends, but I was whisked off to a cultural tour of the city! I hope you enjoy spending these few days with us vicariously. Continue reading

Romania, Sweden, and my 75th Birthday!

IASI, ROMANIA, Fall, 2018
Catalin Ivan, Member of the European Parliament for Romania, discovered Montessori for his children and soon realized it would be good for his country, especially the education of the poor. Visiting the AMI office in Amsterdam it was recommended that he begin by getting Montessori birth to three information to parents by translating The Joyful Child: Montessori, Global Wisdom for Birth to Three. and then focus on training Montessori teachers.

Here is the story of presenting Montessori in Romania, exploring the cultures, and then speaking at one of the most famous Montessori farm schools for adolescents, in Sweden Continue reading

Montessori Work in Mongolia and Sweden, Spring 2018

3 spring work 2018 best

In February and March I traveled completely around the globe for the second time. The first was on the ship University of the Seven Seas (now called The Semester at Sea), a trip of 4 months. This trip is packed into one precious month. Continue reading