Aged Care through a Montessori Lens (and Turning 80!)

Aged Care through a Montessori Lens (and Turning 80)



Anne Kelly had already published a book on Montessori for the aged, and I was writing one to share my experience of attitudes toward old age and death in various countries. We talked about our plans at the AGM in Amsterdam in the spring, then when we met again in Vancouver Canada decided to combine our efforts in order to reach more people.
If you would like to know more about the Vancouver meeting that inspired many people, not just us, to create, CLICK: Adele Diamond

THE BOOK—Glimpses of Aged Care through a Montessori Lens
—Interviews of Anne Kelly, Head of Montessori for Dementia, Disability, and Aging for AMI
—Anne’s Experience and Wisdom: 90% of Anne’s original Australian book, entitled Forgetfulness, Feelings, and Farnarkling
—Human Needs and Tendencies at the End of Life
—Conclusion Continue reading

Maria Montessori’s Office, Ukraine, and More . . .

Here I am, November 2022, seated at the desk of Montessori in her office, in the apartment where she lived for many years. It is at the top of several flights of typical Dutch narrow and steep flights of stairs. This building is the headquarters of AMI (The Association Montessori Internationale) in Amsterdam. Continue reading

ART and CAKE Celebrate 79th Birthday, California 2022

Helen Wills Brown and I share birthdays and a love of art. This week we celebrated at the Cantor Museum at Stanford University. I hope you enjoy seeing the art shared here. Continue reading