Maria Montessori’s Office, Ukraine, and More . . .

Here I am, November 2022, seated at the desk of Montessori in her office, in the apartment where she lived for many years. It is at the top of several flights of typical Dutch narrow and steep flights of stairs. This building is the headquarters of AMI (The Association Montessori Internationale) in Amsterdam. Continue reading

A Language Story, inspired by Eloise in Paris

We have been requested to share the story mentioned in a previous blog post “A Montessori Language Lesson”  The introduction to the story, and all of the text in this blog post, is shared in the book Aid to Life, Montessori Beyond the Classroom (link below). This is a story of the young girl recording her thoughts as she experienced (just like Eloise did in Paris)  a hotel with her grandparents (Amala and Baba) and aunt (Lala) during a Montessori conference in Portland, Oregon. Continue reading

No Checkmate, Montessori Chess Book for Age 3-90+

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No Checkmate, Montessori Chess Lessons for Age 3-90+

This book is not just about chess. It helps adults understand how to share their lives and loves with children in a way previously thought not possible. It breaks down the process into small bits, appropriate to a child’s age, interests, and stage of development. It also explains Montessori philosophy and practice at the most fundamental and practical way.

Surprisingly we have heard that many adults, who thought they would never be able to learn this game, have begun to play chess with friends after following the clear steps presented here.

Two reviews for No Checkmate:

Chess without a headache! Susan covers every detail of making this game meaningful and fun for even the very young.
— Rita Zener, AMI Montessori teacher trainer, Washington DC

If you are looking for a book that will help you to introduce the game of chess to your child in a non-competitive, gradual, and fun way – you have found it!

Deep respect and understanding of human development in its formative stages is a common denominator of all Ms. Stephenson’s books. In NO CHECKMATE you will find a conceptual framework of developmental characteristics along with a practical guidance in form of preliminary games and activities, gradual introduction to the key rules of the game, and more… This book opened a new field of exploration and joy for me and my two daughters!
— Dmitry Ostrovsky, Moravian Montessori teacher and dad, working in Moscow

PICTURES – the color pictures you see here are black and white in the book.

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