Celebrate this Equinox with a New Montessori Book!

One of the most important aspects of Montessori education is finding one’s cosmic task, a unique path available to each of us as a way to help others, to contribute to society and the planet, as we fulfill our own needs and potential.

This small (40 page) book is the first in the new series “Brief Montessori Introductions” for busy people. It is available from Amazon as a print book in several countries, and as a kindle download on any Amazon site in the world. For those who prefer to order print copies from Michael Olaf publishers the information is below. Continue reading

Maria Montessori’s Office, Ukraine, and More . . .

Here I am, November 2022, seated at the desk of Montessori in her office, in the apartment where she lived for many years. It is at the top of several flights of typical Dutch narrow and steep flights of stairs. This building is the headquarters of AMI (The Association Montessori Internationale) in Amsterdam. Continue reading

Romania Montessori, 2nd post, Fall 2022


The night before the official Montessori work Simona and I drove high into the hills overlooking the city to visit the beautiful The Romanian orthodox Cetățuia Monastery. It was a quiet, still, starry night and no one was around, but when we entered there was a service going on, just a few monks taking turns reciting prayers, all dark except for a few candles and candelabras glowing the icons on the walls. It was very much like a blessing of the work. Continue reading