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The “First Montessori Books” series is presently on special, discounted by the publisher:


The author is a member of Educateurs sans Frontières (EsF, an AMI Montessori organization) gathering information on the needs of children and families, and working together to come up with solutions. Here is a link to this organization: EsF

The 8th book in the series, Aid to Life, Montessori Beyond the Classroom, reflects the values, and some of the experiences of this work. Here are some of the subjects shared: Continue reading

Concentration, Where the Magic Happens

Circle Time—Collective Lessons?

During my first year of teaching, an older and more experienced teacher at our Montessori school in San Francisco, California, told us that we should have a 30-40 minute “group” lesson at the end of each morning, with all of the children sitting in a circle as we sang songs, had news time, and sometimes gave a lesson that usually would be for one child at a time. I had not heard of such a thing in my AMI 3-6 course in London but I respected this teacher so I followed her advice.

A few years later, Margot Waltuch, who had worked with Maria Montessori for many years, was the consultant for my own school in Michigan (and later the consultant for my 6-12 classes in California). Continue reading

FREE Montessori Infant Community Video

Infant Community (age 1-2.5) Video
+ Maria and Mario Montessori


The DVD “The Wonderful Two’s” has sold for $40-$45 for years. Now it is available free on YouTube.

Seeing these children in action reveals the potential of the human being, from a very young age, to focus and concentrate, to act and think independently, and to respect and care for each other and the environment—changing the “terrible two’s” into the “wonderful two’s.” Continue reading

Independence, Concentration, Compassion – Child of the World

Child of the World:
Montessori, Global Education for Age 3-12+

The e-book version of this book, which is considered one of the best introductions to Montessori for parents and teachers, reached over 2000 people around the world in July, 2021. For more information and to see the complete Table of Contents: CHILD

The author’s website: SUSAN

Chapter: Age 3-6, Caring for Oneself, for Others, and for the Environment

Boys at a Montessori school in Bhutan preferring to work on fixing the school sidewalk than to play. Continue reading