ART and CAKE Celebrate 79th Birthday, California 2022

Helen Wills Brown and I share birthdays and a love of art. This week we celebrated at the Cantor Museum at Stanford University. I hope you enjoy seeing the art shared here.

The Cantor Arts Center was created in 1894 has excellent permanent and temporary exhibits and permanent. You can read about this museum here and we today’s favorites.


In front of the art museum is the Rodin sculpture garden, containing the largest collection of his sculptures anywhere in the world except for the Musee Rodin in Paris.

East of the Pacific: Making Histories of Asian American Art

CLICK: East of the Pacific

More favorites of the Asia temporary collection.

It was so difficult to choose but I noticed, the creative piece on the right side, combines a hanging sculpture with its shadows on the wall.

Some of this art calls to me and some does not.

I do not like to talk about my own art and what it “means” so this quote helped me understand that this is common.

Permanent Collection – old favorites

There are many figurative paintings and sculptures representing art through the ages, including this one by Picasso.

The Cantor Museum is also a research museum for Stanford University full of the arts from around the world and throughout the ages.

Ruth Asawa (1926–2013) was a Japanese American artist, educator, and arts advocate primarily active in San Francisco, California. Born to immigrant parents in Norwalk, California, she and her family were among 120,000 Japanese Americans forcibly incarcerated under Executive Order 9066 in 1942. Asawa tirelessly worked to help others understand the primacy of art in creating a brighter world for future generations.

CLICK: Ruth Asawa


Wildseed Vegetarian restaurant in Palo Alto – couldn’t be a better place to blow out a candle on this “Warm chocolate cake made with beets and bananas, oat meal,chocolate gelato and coco nibs.

Since we forgot to take our pictures I am using one from seven years ago at the Buena Vista in San Francisco, even though our hair is a little grayer now.


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