Over the years, as my Montessori work took me to more and more countries, I began to send longer and longer “emails home” to interested friends. The list of interested readers became longer and longer. Later Facebook made it possible to share albums of pictures instead. Now, with this blog I can send both.

I grew up in a small town in Indiana with a very homogeneous population. However some of my friends, originally from Mexico,  were the most interesting people in town and I loved to visit them, to watch the mother make tortillas by hand, and to listen to the Spanish language. This made me want to learn more about the world. Latin and French were the languages offered in our high school so I took as much of both as possible. As a sophomore in college I was a student on the first, experimental, university aboard a ship that traveled around the world researching a variety of courses in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. I have never looked back.

For information on this program click here: semester at sea
In Beit Jala, West Bank, after giving a Montessori workshop in Bethlehem

In Beit Jala, West Bank, after giving a Montessori workshop in Bethlehem

There is really no such thing as “us” and “them” when people get to know each other, especially when these friendships begin early in life. Getting to know and understand each other is the road to peace.

One of my favorite quotes of Dr. Montessori: I live in heaven. My home is a sphere that travels around the sun. It is called ‘Earth’.

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