Montessori Books Published in 2023

Montessori Books Published in 2023

Glimpses of Aged Care through a Montessori Lens
A collaboration between Anne Kelley, head of Montessori for Dementia, Disability and Ageing, the Association Montessori Internationale, and myself. 100 pages.

This is a very practical and thorough guide on how to offer person-centered care to the aged. The model described varies significantly from the memory care I have seen. It will guide our staff training.  

—Ann Lindsay, MD Continue reading

Montessori Ideas for Summer (or any school break)

Some years ago AMIUSA (The Association Montessori Internationale in the United States) published a parenting newsletter issue “Summer Ideas for All Ages.” Because I was the author of the 0-3 section of this article, I can share it with you.
CLICK: summerideas0-3

The complete issue can be purchased at the AMIUSA bookstore website:

It was the last day of school. A public-school teacher I had met during the year had been trying to find a day to visit our Montessori primary class in Northern Michigan. Continue reading

Three Days Exploring Stockholm, April 2023

I arrived in Stockholm three days before the first (since the pandemic) in-person AMIAGM, Annual Global Meeting, which will be held in Delft, Netherlands. The plan was to rest and visit with my old friends Barbra Waller and Tom Engstrom friends, but I was whisked off to a cultural tour of the city! I hope you enjoy spending these few days with us vicariously. Continue reading