Art & Montessori, From Birth to Age Twelve

In the Montessori tradition it is the child’s own original and unique art that is preferred over adult-generated forms to be colored in. This gives the child not only a very good self image, but skill at both observation and draftsmanship. As Dr. Montessori said, we cannot teach a person to be an artist but we can help him develop an eye that sees, a hand that obeys, and a soul that feels. For many years this Michael Olaf Montessori Newsletter has been shared by schools around the world.

The First Year
In the first days and months of life the child’s attention is on the environment. Since the infant cannot yet move about, he is exploring visually. There was a small print that I had brought back from India taped to the wall next to where my second child spend the first weeks of life. Then it was packed away. When it was unpacked many years later she remembered and said that she loved that kind of art all her life. I am sure that it was imprinted on her idea of what should be in the environment, what is “beautiful” in just those first few weeks. . .  more at the link below.
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Ukrainian Translation of “How to Talk to Children about War”

We never know when and how our work, our words, will be helpful.

Recently I received this message from the translator for Heidi Philippart’s AMI 0-3 Montessori Certificate course, Kate Sichkar:

Many Ukrainians requested that your article on how to talk to children about war be translated. I am asking your permission to translate it so as many people as possible will get answers. As with all of your books, that speak from the heart, it might save people’s souls and give them hope to move forward.

CLICK: for the English Version: Talking about War

And here is the entire Ukrainian translation:

CLICK: Як говорити з дітьми про війну

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The “First Montessori Books” referred to above can be found here:

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Last week a solo art show here in Trinidad, California featured the above painting of Ukraine, which was created as a way of processing the war. Two young boys shared their thoughts about war, peace, the news, screens, life—their thoughts, their confusion, their commitment to peace, and their hopes for the future. This conversation was the highlight of the evening, giving me “hope to move forward.”

Here is more art information:

CLICK: Susan’s Art

Blessings to us all in these troubled times,


A Prayer for the Earth – A Stephenson Family Creation

1 praying

To see the YouTube video

This song was written and the video created by the Stephenson family years ago. We are sharing it again because it is becoming more and more important to pray for our earth. Our son, Michael Olaf, is singing and playing the music. Susan took the pictures. The lyrics are by all of us. There are pictures from my Montessori work in Bhutan, Holland, India, Israel, Nepal, Palestine, Russia, Sikkim, Sweden, Thailand, and Tibet. Continue reading

Montessori Work in Lima, Peru — Fall 2019

1 lima and book

Montessori Work, and the Culture of Peru

For five weeks this fall I have had the pleasure to carry out Montessori work and to visit old friends, and make new ones, in Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador. I hope you enjoying “traveling” with me to Lima, Peru.

The tropical fruit always available is something I always look forward to but the main reason for this trip was that finally one of my books has been translated into Spanish.

Presenting Montessori to the Government
The presentation was based on the book The Universal Child, Guided by Nature. The title in Spanish is El Nino Universal. Both books can be found on Amazon in many countries Continue reading